A hose is just a hose – until you add fittings. Whether you want to connect your hose to a tap or hand spray, or you need to repair or join hoses, these simple tips will help you find hose fittings that are the perfect fit!
And if you need to connect your drip irrigation systems, we have handy hints for that too.

What are hose fittings?

Hose Fittings (sometimes called hose connections or joiners) are accessories or adaptors that go on the end of your garden hose. They can be used to:

  • Get your tap ready for the hose
  • Attach the hose to your garden tap
  • Attach the hose to a hand spray or hand gun
  • Change your watering device without getting wet
  • Join two or more hoses together
  • Lengthen your garden hose
  • Repair a damaged hose  

I need to adapt my tap

There’s nothing worse than a hose and tap that don’t talk to each other. But here’s a simple solution: just use a tap adaptor or tap outlet to get it hose-ready.

There are lots of options here – from a simple single 12mm Universal Tap Adaptor to an Indoor Tap Adaptor for your laundry sink, as well as 2-way and 4-way fittings that make it easy to use more than one watering device at once.

Pope’s pick: 4 Way Brass Tap Adaptor Outlet

This four-way hose fitting with sturdy, stylish brass and comfort grip makes it easy to water the way you want. Use one outlet or all four, as they can be adjusted or shut off independently of each other.

I need to repair my hose

There’s nothing more frustrating than a leaking hose. You have two options: 

  1. Buy a new hose: our pick would be from the Pope Perma Fit® range
  2. Repair it using a Hose Joiner/Repairer fitting

For repairing your hose, you can choose between a 12mm or 18mm Hose Joiner/Repairer depending on your hose size. Simply cut off the damaged part of your hose, insert the hose joiner/repairer fitting and tighten securely.

Pope’s pick: 12mm hose joiner repairer

It doesn’t get any easier to repair or extend your hose. With a secure and watertight connection for your 12mm garden hose. If you’re looking to replace an annoying leaking hose, this is just the thing you need.

I want to connect my hose to a watering device without getting wet

Want to change your watering device while the tap is still turned on and not get wet? You can! A hose connector with a stop valve automatically halts the water flow when disconnected – and lets it flow again when reconnected.

Pope’s pick: Pope’s 12mm Hose Connector with Stop Valve

The Pope 12mm Comfort Grip Hose Connector with Stop Valve can be fitted to any 12mm garden hose. Quick and convenient to connect and change accessories, it saves multiple trips to the tap when swapping out sprinklers, hand sprays and more.

I need to lengthen or join hoses

Whether you want to connect a couple of hoses and make your garden hose longer there’s a hose fitting that’s fit for the job. 

Choose a two-way or three-way coupler water different areas of your garden at the same time. 

Pope’s pick: 12mm 2 Way Hose Coupler
With this incredibly handy 2 Way Hose Coupler, join together 2 of garden hoses to water that hard to reach garden bed or lawn area.

I need to connect my drip irrigation system

1. Connect poly pipe to your garden hose

The 13mm Barbed to Snap-On with Bug Cap and Poly Clamp hose fitting is a handy way to connect your hose and irrigation system. The snap-on adaptor attaches to a 12mm hose connector, while the bug cap keeps insects out of the poly pipe when not in use.

2. Connect poly pipe to the tap adaptor  

Just use the 13mm Snap-Sure Connector to pair your 13mm poly pipe to your tap adaptor

3. Connect poly pipe to your garden tap

The universal 20/25 mm BSP Nut and 13mm Tail simply screws onto your 20mm or 25mm garden tap, with the tail connecting to your 13mm poly pipe. Secure with a 13mm ratchet clamp. 

Pope’s DIY tip

Choose brass fittings for tough jobs or harsh climate conditions.

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